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Green Sponsors

SMUDAs the nation's sixth largest community-owned electric service provider, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has been providing low-cost, reliable electricity for more than 65 years to Sacramento County (and a small portion of Placer County). SMUD is a recognized industry leader and award winner for our innovative energy efficiency programs, renewable power technologies, and for our sustainable solutions for a healthier environment. SMUD is the first large California utility to receive more than 20 percent of its energy from renewable resources.

Staples & AssociatesStaples & Associates has been changing minds and influencing behavior since we opened our first office in1976.  Today, our four companies -- Staples Energy, Staples Golf, Converge and Contagious -- provide innovative solutions for emerging needs in the arenas of energy-efficiency, conservation, golf and new media.  We have saved utilities, municipalities and statewide programs hundreds of millions of kilowatt hours through strategic program design and management, and quality implementation services.  Our six offices in California, Arizona and Wisconsin are staffed by program managers, electricians, weatherization specialists, BPI certified raters, call center staff and other professionals experienced in serving diverse and challenging markets. 

Gold Sponsors

ERSEnergy and Resource Solutions (ERS) is a thought leader in energy consulting with an established reputation for solid and innovative project development and energy assessment work in the area of commercial and industrial energy efficiency. Since 1995, we have been providing services in energy program design, implementation, evaluation, and rebate management as well as custom energy audits and sustainable building development. Our thoughtful and inventive energy solutions help more than fifty different utility, business, and industry clients improve efficiency, minimize environmental impacts, and maximize economic competitiveness. ERS�s 70+ member staff includes professional engineers, certified energy managers, and LEED-accredited professionals that serve clients from our offices in Massachusetts, Oregon, Maine, New York, Texas, and California. 

PG & EPacific Gas and Electric Company, incorporated in California in 1905, is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. Based in San Francisco, the company is a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation. There are approximately 20,000 employees who carry out Pacific Gas and Electric Company's primary business�the transmission and delivery of energy. The company provides natural gas and electric service to approximately 15 million people throughout a 70,000-square-mile service area in northern and central California. Pacific Gas and Electric Company is regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Pulse EnergyPulse Energy is the global leader in energy intelligence for utilities� commercial customers, helping them achieve regulated efficiency targets and boost customer satisfaction. This is achieved through the Pulse� platform: a scalable software solution for commercial buildings that delivers insight to improve energy performance, engages occupants through multi-channel communications, and accurately measures and verifies results. The platform was built for utility-grade security and scalability, with data from over 1,000,000 meters in the system.

Roseville ElectricRoseville Electric has been providing reliable public power for more than 100 years. We serve 55,000 business and residential customers with and have earned American Public Power Association's RP3 award for reliability since 2006.  Roseville Electric has also been honored by the California Municipal Utility Association for its innovative programs and services, including the customer activities at its one-of-a-kind facility, the Roseville Utility Exploration Center, which is dedicated to protecting natural resources through energy efficiency, conservation and behavior change programs.

Synergy CompaniesSynergy Companies -' Energy Management Division serves the investor-owned utilities community (PG&E, SCE, SCG and SDG&E), as well as other municipal and local power companies.  Synergy is a fully qualified contractor who works with you and your utility company to provide cost effective energy efficiency measures to residential and non-residential markets, and works to create energy-efficient homes, offices, commercial properties and a more secure energy future for California and the Nation.

WAPAWAPA Energy ServicesWestern Area Power Administration�s Energy Services program is committed to improving energy efficiency through collaboration, training and effective planning. We offer our customers powerful tools to turn efficiency and conservation into energy resources. From workshops to websites to equipment loans, all are designed to build and strengthen utility energy management strategies.

Silver Sponsors

California Energy CommissionThe California Energy Commission is the state's primary energy policy and planning agency. Created by the Legislature in 1974 and located in Sacramento, the Commission responsibilities include: Forecasting future energy needs and keeping historical energy data; Licensing thermal power plants 50 megawatts or larger; Promoting energy efficiency by setting the state's appliance and building efficiency standards and working with local government to enforce those standards; Supporting public interest energy research that advances energy science and technology through research, development, and demonstration programs; Supporting renewable energy by providing market support to existing, new, and emerging renewable technologies; providing incentives for small wind and fuel cell electricity systems; and providing incentives for solar electricity systems in new home construction; Implementing the state's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program; and Planning for and directing state response to energy emergencies.

CLEAResultCLEAResult helps utilities, businesses and individuals make the wise use of energy a way of life. With offices in more than 40 cities in the U.S. and Canada, CLEAResult designs, markets and implements energy programs around the globe. Our experienced energy experts tailor strategies to our clients� specific needs and circumstances. Through practical technical guidance and the distribution of utility incentives, we help thousands of electric, gas and water utility customers � including schools, local governments, businesses and homeowners � reduce energy use. Our energy experts design and manage energy optimization services for utility companies as well as residential, institutional, commercial and industrial organizations.

Imperial Irrigation District (IID) was established in 1911 and entered the power business in 1936. Proudly serving Imperial and Coachella Valleys and a portion of San Diego County, IID's 6,471-square mile service area is one of the fastest growing regions in California. IID controls over 1,100 MW of energy, derived from a diverse resource portfolio that includes native generation, SCPPA partnerships, and long- and short-term power purchases. A valuable public resource, IID is regarded as an affordable and reliable service provider serving over 145,000 customers.

Merced Irrigation DistrictMerced Irrigation District Merced Irrigation District has owned and operated hydroelectric generating facilities on the Merced River since 1927. In 1995, Merced Irrigation District exercised its authority to sell power to retail electric customers. Merced Irrigation District offers its customers full requirements electric service including power supply and delivery to the customer. Since 1996, Merced Irrigation District has connected over 7,500 customers to Merced Irrigation District's electric system.

Modesto Irrigation DistrictModesto Irrigation District is a vertically integrated publicly owned utility providing electric service to more than 113,000 customers in California�s Central Valley.  MID also provides irrigation water to approximately 3,100 agricultural customers irrigating close to 60,000 acres and treats and wholesales drinking water to the City of Modesto.

MPowerMPOWER (Money for Property Owner Water and Energy efficiency Retrofitting) is a regional financing program that promotes the efficient use of water and energy, enables property owners to reduce their energy costs, and strengthens our local economy through job creation. The financing model is called Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). Through this unique program the financed amount is amortized and the annual amount due is added to the property tax bill each year until paid in full. MPOWER will finance energy efficiency improvements and energy generation systems such as solar photovoltaic to qualified property owners, with no upfront costs.  If the property is sold the equipment and the unpaid amount stay with the property. Recently, Granlibakken Conference Center took advantage of this financing and is completing a large retrofit project using financing from mPOWER.

NexantNexant is a global energy industry leader, offering a comprehensive suite of software solutions and advisory services designed to transform utility business processes, customer engagement and support implementation of smart grid and demand side initiatives. Nexant solutions enable utilities, power producers, and energy resource companies to improve operational and financial efficiency, reduce risk, and enhance customer engagement across the energy value chain.

Northern California Power AgencyNorthern California Power Agency (NCPA) is a joint powers agency that provides support for the electric utility operations of our 17 member communities and districts in Northern and Central California. We own and operate several power plants that together comprise a 96% emission-free generation portfolio.  NCPA was founded in 1968 as a forum through which community-owned utilities could prevent costly market abuses employed by private utilities at that time, and to make investments to ensure an affordable, reliable and clean future energy supply for the electric ratepayers we serve.  

Palo Alto UtilitiesCity of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) is the only municipal utility in California that operates city-owned utility services that include electric, fiber optic, natural gas, water and wastewater services. Since 1896, CPAU has been providing quality services to the citizens and businesses of Palo Alto.. 

Powersmiths International Corp. Powersmiths is a recognized industry leader in developing and manufacturing products that save energy and contribute to organizations� sustainability goals. Products include ultra-efficient low loss dry-type distribution transformers, integrated power distribution systems (PDUs) for data centers, as well as many custom applications.  Advanced metering to validate operational losses and efficiency measurement in the field, revenue grade sub-metering, as well as Powersmiths WOW - a cloud-based sustainability management platform that enables integration of live data for real metrics, rich media for stakeholder outreach, advanced analytics for verifying performance of systems within a building as well as across multiple buildings, and a carbon emissions module compliant with ISO14064. 

Riverside Public Utilities. Established in 1895, Riverside Public Utilities is owned by the customers we serve.  The utility governed by a board of nine community volunteers and the City Council.  We provide high quality, reliable services to over 106,000 metered electric customers and over 64,000 metered water customers throughout the City of Riverside. The Utility is committed to increased use of renewable energy resources and sustainable living practices that help reduce environmental impacts within the City of Riverside and the state of California.  

Silcon Valley PowerSilicon Valley Power works hard to help its customers reach their goals and enjoy brighter lives. We follow a basic set of principles that have served as our core values for over one hundred years: Service, Stability, Reliability and Quality. Today, the people in our organization embody these values, embrace them, and bring them to life. 

TDPUDTruckee-Donner Public Utility District (TDPUD) is a non-profit, publicly owned utility agency created in 1927 and overseen by a locally elected board of directors. TDPUD provides the greater Truckee area with reliable and high quality water and power services while guiding the community to conserve resources.

Hospitality Hosts

Resource Action ProgramsPort in the Storm: Resource Action Programs� offers a family of hands-on education programs designed to increase residential resource efficiency and community awareness. The proven and effective design provides the tools to form energy literate households while generating immediate savings in home water and energy use. In 2013, Resource Action Programs was honored for its ability to help utilities achieve substantial/sustained energy and water savings by the ACEEE and AWE. 

RHA, Inc.Wednesday Dinner host: Richard Heath and Associates, Inc. has over 30 years experience managing comprehensive energy efficiency and demand side management projects in both commercial and residential markets usually operating in the most difficult and hardest to reach customer segments (Residential, Small/Medium Commercial and Industrial, Low Income).

Efficiency Services GroupEnergy Quiz host: Efficiency Services Group (ESG) is a committed group of utility professionals specializing in a wide range of energy/water-efficiency and renewable-energy programs. They work with electric and gas utilities, municipal governments, electric cooperatives and public utility districts, or directly with utility end-use customers.

All opportunities below include your organization's logo, web link, and 50-word description on this website and in printed program, plus pre- and post-conference attendee registration lists in electronic form. Become a Utility Energy Forum Sponsor Today!

Sponsor Opportunities

Green Sponsor .............................................. $5,000  ($4,500 for utility/govt organizations)

  • Up to 5 conference registrations with standard sleeping room accommodations
  • Primary logo recognition in email promos and on slides during refreshments breaks throughout the event
  • Opportunity for Expo space reservation with snapshot panel presentation for $1,000 additional

Gold Sponsor ................................................ $3,000  ($2,500 for utility/govt organizations)

  • Up to 3 conference registrations with standard sleeping room accommodations
  • Secondary logo recognition in email promos and on slides during refreshments breaks throughout the event
  • Opportunity for Expo space reservation with snapshot panel presentation for $1,000 additional

Silver Sponsor ............................................. $2,000  ($1,500 for utility/govt organizations)

  • Up to 2 conference registrations with 2 nights each of standard sleeping room accommodations
  • Opportunity for Expo space reservation with snapshot panel presentation for $1,000 additional

Host Opportunities

Dinner Host (one of two available) ...................................... $5,000  

  • Exclusive remarks/recognition where you may provide branded items (gift, napkins, etc.) during your choice of Wednesday dinner or Thursday dinner
  • Up to 3 conference registrations with 2 nights each of standard sleeping room accommodations
  • Expo space reservation with snapshot panel presentation
  • Primary logo recognition in email promos and on slides during refreshments breaks throughout the event

Reception or Event Activity Host (three of four available)..... $4,000  

  • Exclusive remarks/recognition where you may provide branded items (gift, napkins, etc.) during your choice of::
    •  Wednesday evening reception,
    •  Wednesday Networking Around the Campfire with hot toddies
    •  Thursday evening reception, or
    •  Thursday "Any Port in a Storm" wine tasting
  • Up to 3 conference registrations with 2 nights each of standard sleeping room accommodations
  • Expo space reservation with snapshot panel presentation
  • Primary logo recognition in email promos and on slides during refreshments breaks throughout the event

Energy Quiz or Ice Cream Social Host (one of two available)........ $3,500 

  • Exclusive remarks/recognition where you may provide branded items (gift, napkins, etc.) during your choice of Energy Quiz or Ice Cream Social
  • Up to 2 conference registrations with 2 nights each of standard sleeping room accommodations
  • Expo space reservation with snapshot panel presentation
  • Secondary logo recognition in email promos and on slides during refreshments breaks throughout the event

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